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Barbadians go to the polls to elect a new government on 24 May 2018. Caribbean Elections provides information and current news for voters, students, teachers on the election and the Barbados electoral process.
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map City of Bridgetown St. Michael West St. Michael North West St. Michael West Cenral St. Michael South Central St. Michael central St. Michael South St. Michael South East St. Michael East St. Michael North St. Michael North East St. James South St. James North St. James Cenral St. Thomas St. George South St. George North Christ Church East Central Christ Church West Central Christ Church South Christ Church West Christ Church East St. Philip South St. Philip West St. Philip North St. John St. Joseph St. Andrew St. Peter St. Lucy
   City of Bridgetown
   St. Michael South
   St. Michael East
   St. Michael South Central
   St. Michael Central
   St. Michael South East
   St. Michael North East
   St. Michael North
   St. Michael North West
   St. Michael West
   St. Michael West Central
   Christ Church West
   Christ Church West Central
   Christ Church South
   Christ Church East Central
   Christ Church East
   St. Philip North
   St. Philip South
   St. Philip West
   St. George North
   St. George South
   St. John
   St. Joseph
   St. Thomas
   St. James North
   St. James South
   St. James Central
   St. Peter
   St. Andrew
   St. Lucy
Head of State Inherited monarchy with a Governor-General appointed by the British Monarch
Head of Government Prime Minister is appointed by the Governor-General
Structure of Parliament Bicameral Parliament consisting of the Senate with 21 seats and the House of Assembly with 30 seats
Electoral Law 1 Jun 1971; Last amendment: 1 Sep 1990
Constituencies 30 single-member constituencies
Voting System In the Senate 21 members are appointed by the Governor-General. In the House of Assembly 30 members are elected by plurality vote in single-member constituencies to serve 5-year terms.
Term of Office 5 years for both chambers
Voter Requirements - Age: 18 years
- Barbados citizenship (or Commonwealth citizenship if residence in the country for 3 years before elections)
- Residence in a constituency for 3 months
- Disqualifications: insanity, imprisonment, death sentence
Candidate Eligibility and Requirements - Qualified electors
- Age: 21 years
- Barbados citizenship
- Residence in the country for more than 7 years
- Ineligibility: undischarged bankruptcy, allegiance to a foreign State, imprisonment exceeding 6 months, conviction of felony or of an offence involving dishonesty, electoral fraud
- Nomination by 4 electors
- Deposit equivalent to USD125, reimbursed if the candidate is elected or obtains more than 1/6 of the total votes cast in the constituency.
Electoral Authority  Barbados Electoral and Boundaries Commission  
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Party Candidates Results
Men Women Total 2013 2008 2003
BLP Barbados Labour Party (BLP) 23 7 30 14 9 24
DLP Democratic Labour Party (DLP) 25 5 30 16 21 6
Independent Candidates Independent (IND) 8 0 8 0 0 0
The House of Assembly has 30 members, elected for a five year term in single-seat constituencies.
Year Specific Date   Winning Party Total
  Party % Votes Seats
1951 Thu, 13 Dec 1951   Barbados Labour Party 54.50% 15 24 64.65%
1956 Thu, 06 Dec 1956   Barbados Labour Party 49.00% 15 24 60.29%
1961 Mon. 04 Dec 1961   Democratic Labour Party 36.30% 14 24 61.32%
1966 Thu, 03 Nov 1966   Democratic Labour Party 49.30% 14 24 79.70%
1971 Thu, 09 Sep 1971   Democratic Labour Party 42.40% 18 24 81.64%
1976 Thu, 02 Sep 1976   Barbados Labour Party 52.69% 24 27 74.09%
1981 Thu, 18 Jun 1981   Barbados Labour Party 52.22% 17 27 71.59%
1986 Tue, 28 May 1986   Democratic Labour Party 59.46% 24 27 76.70%
1991 Tue, 22 Jan 1991   Democratic Labour Party 53.97% 18 28 59.41%
1994 Tue, 06 Sep 1994   Barbados Labour Party 48.34% 19 28 60.89%
1999 Wed, 20 Jan 1999   Barbados Labour Party 64.87% 26 28 63.36%
2003 Wed, 21 May 2003   Barbados Labour Party 55.60% 27 30 60.36%
2008 Tue, 15 Jan 2008   Democratic Labour Party 52.53% 20 30 63.25%
2013 Thu, 21 Feb 2013   Democratic Labour Party 51.28% 16 30 62.02%
2018 Thu, 24 May 2018   - - - 30 -
Trends in Percentage Votes by Party
Trends in Percentage Votes by Party
Trends in Percentage Votes by Party
BLP = Barbados Labour Party; DLP = Democratic Labour Party; IND = Independent candidate; * Incumbent; ** Political Leader
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   City of Bridgetown By-election 1969
   St. Joseph By-election 1970
   St. Philip North By-election 1976
   City of Bridgetown By-election 1976
   St. Michael South Central By-election 1978
   St. Peter By-election 1984
   St. Thomas By-election 1985
   St. John By-election 1987
   St. Michael North West By-election 1996
   St. Thomas By-election 2001
   St. John By-election 2011
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