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Antigua and Barbuda Country Profile
With about 365 beaches on Antigua, further beaches of pink and white sand on Barbuda, coves that were once volcanic craters, and luxuriant palms, the country was an early proponent of sea-and-sun tourism. Antigua is generally composed of low-lying coral and limestone, although Boggy Peak among the volcanic rocks to the west rises to 402m. It has an indented coastline and a good harbour at English Harbour Town. There are a few springs; drought can be a problem. Barbuda is flat with a large lagoon on its west side. Redonda is a tiny rocky island, and is uninhabited. The islands became an independent state within the British Commonwealth of Nations in 1981. On 6 September 2017, Hurricane Irma passed over the island of Barbuda devastating the island and forcing the evacuation of the population to Antigua. Almost all the structures on Barbuda were destroyed and the vegetation stripped, but Antigua was spared the worst.
Full Name Antigua and Barbuda
Geographic Coordinates 17 03 N, 61 48 W
Capital and Largest City St. John's (22,000, 2014 est)
Area 442.6 sq km (Antigua 280 sq km; Barbuda 161 sq km)
Terrain Mostly low-lying limestone and coral islands, with some higher volcanic areas
Climate Tropical maritime; little seasonal temperature variation
Internet domain .ag
International dialling code +1 268
Nationality Antiguan(s), Barbudan(s)
Population 94,731 (July 2017 est.)
Annual Growth Rate 1.21% (2017 est.)
Ethnic Groups black 87.3%, mixed 4.7%, hispanic 2.7%, white 1.6%, other 2.7%, unspecified 0.9% (2011 est.)
Major Languages English (official), Antiguan (English-based creole language, widely spoken in informal settings)
Major Religions Protestant 68.3% (Anglican 17.6%, Seventh Day Adventist 12.4%, Pentecostal 12.2%, Moravian 8.3%, Methodist 5.6%, Wesleyan Holiness 4.5%, Church of God 4.1%, Baptist 3.6%), Roman Catholic 8.2%, other 12.2%, unspecified 5.5%, none 5.9% (2011 est.
Adult Literacy 99.0%
Infant Mortality Rate 12.1 deaths/1,000 live births
Life expectancy Total population - 76.7 years;  male – 74.6 years; female – 79.0 years (2017 est.)
Type Parliamentary democracy; independent sovereign state within the Commonwealth.
Independence 1 November 1981 (from the United Kingdom) | Learn more »
Constitution 1 November 1981 | Learn more »
Executive Branch Governor-General (representing Queen Elizabeth II, head of state), Prime Minister (head of government), Cabinet.
Executive Branch

Head of State: Queen ELIZABETH II (since 6 February 1952); represented by Governor General Dr. Rodney WILLIAMS (since 14 August 2014) | Learn more »

Head of Government: Prime Minister Gaston BROWNE (since 13 June 2014) | Learn more »

Cabinet: Council of Ministers appointed by the governor general on the advice of the Prime Minister | Learn more »

Elections: the monarchy is hereditary; Governor-General chosen by the monarch on the advice of the Prime Minister; following legislative elections, the leader of the majority party or the leader of the majority coalition usually appointed prime minister by the governor general | Learn more »

Legislative Branch

Bicameral Parliament consists of the Senate (17 seats; members appointed by the governor general) and the House of Representatives (17 seats; members are elected by direct popular vote to serve five-year terms) | Learn more »

Elections: House of Representatives - last held on 21 March 2018 (next to be held in 2023) | Learn more »

Election results (20184): ABLP - 15 seats; UPP - 1 seat, BPM - 1 seat| Learn more »

Judicial Branch

Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court consisting of a High Court of Justice and a Court of Appeal (based in Saint Lucia; two judges of the Supreme Court are residents of the islands and preside over the Court of Summary Jurisdiction); Magistrates' Courts; member of the Caribbean Court of Justice | Learn more »

Legislature Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda | Learn more »
Parliament Name House of Representatives of Antigua and Barbuda | Learn more »
Structure of Parliament Bicameral | Learn more »
Members of Parliament 17 members elected at least every five years by universal adult suffrage
Electoral Law Antigua and Barbuda Constitution (1981); Barbados Representation of the People's Act | Learn more »
Constituencies 17 single-member constituencies. | Learn more »
Voting System The monarchy is hereditary. In the Senate 17 members are elected by the governor-general. In the House of Representatives 17 members are elected by proportional representation to serve 5-year terms + 2 ex-officio members | Learn more »
Term of Office 5 years
Voter Requirements - age: 18 years
- citizens of Antigua and Barbuda
- citizens of the Commonwealth who have legally resided in the country for at least three years immediately preceding the qualifying date and who have met the relevant residency requirements
- residence in the constituency for at least one month immediately preceding the qualifying date.
Suffrage Universal at 18 years of age
Candidate Eligibility and Requirements - qualified voters
- age: 21 years
- citizens of Antigua and Barbuda
- residence in the country for a minimum of 12 months immediately preceding the elections
- ability to speak and, unless incapacitated by blindness or other physical condition, to read the English language with sufficient proficiency
- ineligibility: allegiance to a foreign State, undischarged bankruptcy, insanity, death sentence or imprisonment for more than one year, electoral offences or certain crimes within the preceding 10 years
- nomination by individuals or political parties
Electoral Authority Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission
Last Parliamentary Election 21 March 2018| Learn more »
Next Parliamentary Election March 2023 | Learn more »
Number of Register Electors Approximately 51,528 (2018)
Party Code Political Leader Candidates in 2018 Election Seats in Parliament
2018 2014
  Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party ABLP Gaston A. BROWNE 17 15 14
  United Progressive Party UPP Harold E.E. LOVELL


1 3
  Barbuda People's Movement BPM Tevor M. WALKER


1 -
GDP (purchasing power parity) $2.39 billion (2017 est.); $2.328 billion (2016 est.); $2.209 billion (2015 est.)
GDP Growth Rate 2.7% (2017 est.); 5.3% (2016 est.); 4.1% (2015 est.)
GDP Per Capita $26,300 (2017 est.); $25,900 (2016 est.); $24,800 (2015 est.)
Inflation Rate 2.4% (2017 est.); -0.5% (2016 est.)
Unemployment 11% (2014 est.)
Main Exports Petroleum products, bedding, handicrafts, electronic components, transport equipment, food and live animals
Monetary Unit 1 East Caribbean dollar (XCD)  = 100 cents
Official Exchange Rate XCD 2.70 = USD 1.00
ABLP = Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party; UPP = United Progressive Partry; DNA = Democratic National Alliance; ABTLP = Antigua and Barbuda True Labour Party; BPM = Barbuda Preople's Movemnet; ABPM = Antigua Barbuda People's Movement; IND = Independent Candidate; *incumbent; ** Political Leader
Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission. http://www.abec.gov.ag/
Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party. https://www.ablpantigua.com/
Antigua Barbuda True Labour Party. https://www.facebook.com/truelabourite/
Democratic National Alliance. https://www.facebook.com/DNAAntiguaBarbuda/
United Progressive Party. www.http://unitedprogressive.party
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