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Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party
Gaston Alphonso BROWNE*
Constituency St. John's City West
Party Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP)
  Learn more about candidate  Colin DERRICK
 United Progressive Party (UPP)
Former Opposition Leader and Political Leader of ABLP
Prime Minister (2014 - incumbent)
Member of Parliament since 1999 (4 terms)
Contesting fourth election
Second election against Colin Derrick
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Villa Primary, Princess Margaret, Antigua State College, City Banking College (UK) and University of Manchester (UK). Gaston Browne is post graduate trained with a first degree in banking, a degree programme he completed in record time and graduated within the top twenty of several thousand students.

Work Experience
During the past eleven years, Browne served as s a senior bank manager with the Swiss American Banking Group managing in excess of $400 million in assets, as Minister of Planning and Trade and Member of Parliament. He is presently Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of a company involved in construction and land development. Mr. Browne also served as director of several companies including LIAT (1974) Ltd (Aviation), Antigua Pier Group Ltd. Infrastructural Development) and Community Motors Ltd.

Mr. Browne’s motto is “to serve and empower,” a creed by which he lives. This can be seen in his contributions to the empowerment of the people of Point & Villa. He believes in empowerment and is passionately oppose to poverty. MP Browne frequently refers to poverty as the greatest scourge on the planet. Among his achievements at the constituency level are: An EC$30 million Fishery Development Centre, The establishment of a sporting, entertainment and leisure facility at Dredge Bay, An Information Communication Technology Centre in the Point, a Library, Computer Centre at the Villa Primary School and an affordable housing project at Dredge Bay. His achievements during a time of fiscal crisis are remarkable, were as a result of his resolve to succeed and his commitment to serve.

Widely held as the most capable and the best option available to the ALP, Gaston Browne will be contesting the Leadership primarily to empower all the people by providing the Antigua Labour Party with better governance. Gaston Browne pledges to restore the foundation principles (core values) of the ALP to govern the behaviour, responsibilities and accountabilities of members.

The institution will be unified, revamped, re-branded as a movement of the masses (Team Labour) and repositipned as the greatest political institution in this hemisphere. The modernization of the institution includes institutional strengthening programmes including a new constitution, new structure, new systems, new processes and the creation of new partnerships, alliances and institutions to support the delivery of good value to the people of this country. The New Labour Movement (Team Labour) Philosophy will be egalitarian, designed to uplift all the people. New Labour will be an all inclusive, all empowering movement of the masses with a primary objective of delivering first world living standards to all Antiguans & Barbudans.

The New Labour Movement signals a new Era in the politics and development of the Antigua Labour Party and will provide opportunities for all, old and young, especially women. However, increased emphasis will be placed on attracting brighter and younger individuals with competence and commitment to serve to play a fundamental role in the Governance of the Party and the country. This is in keeping with the youthful demographics of the country and will augur well for continuity in the Governance of the Party and ultimately, the country.

Year District Party Votes % votes Result Notes
2014 St. John's City West Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party 1,394 65.57% Won 4th Term, Prime Minister
2009 St. John's City West Antigua Labour Party 1,365 54.97% Won 3rd Term
2004 St. John's City West Antigua Labour Party 1,164 51.76% Won 2nd Term
1999 St. John's City West Antigua Labour Party 1,069 48.64% Won 1st Term
ABLP = Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party; UPP = United Progressive Partry; ABTLP = Antigua and Barbuda True Labour Party; BPM = Barbuda Preople's Movemnet; ABPM = Antigua Barbuda People's Movement; IND = Independent Candidate; *incumbent; ** Political Leader
Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission
Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (2014). www.ablp.ag
United Progressive Party (2014). www.uppantigua.com
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