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Past Election Results 1951 - 2014

The Antigua and Barbuda general election of 1946 was the first general election in Antigua and Barbuda, which was in 1946 a colony, and part of the British West Indies. Though it marked the creation of an Antiguan and Barbudan polity, the franchise was limited and only those who owned property were permitted to stand for election to the legislature. The Antigua Trades and Labour Union chose five of its members who satisfied the property criteria to stand as labour representatives.

One of the five was union leader and future Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda Vere Bird, who has first entered the Antigua and Barbuda legislature at a by-election in 1945. Bird was also chosen by the Governor of Antigua to sit on the Executive Council of the colony.

On 20 December 1951, the first election under an adult suffrage constitution took place in Antigua and Barbuda. Eight representatives were elected to the Parliament of Antigua by the votes of more than 14,000 adults the first time in the history of Antigua and Barbuda.

This section provides information on general elections held in Antigua and Barbuda from 1951 until present.  Click on the year or specific date for further information.

1951 Thursday
20 December 1951
Antigua Labour Party 87.40% 10 10 70.33%
1956 Thursday
1 November 1956
Antigua Labour Party 86.69% 10 10 57.02%
1960 Tuesday
29 November 1960
Antigua Labour Party 85.02% 10 10 37.98%
1965 Monday
29 November 1965
Antigua Labour Party 78.88% 10 10 42.85%
1971 Thursday
11 February 1971
Progressive Labour Movement 57.72% 12 17 42.85%
1976 Wednesday
18 February 1976
Antigua Labour Party 49.01% 11 17 94.97%
1980 Thursday
24 April 1980
Antigua Labour Party 58.04% 13 17 77.08%
1984 Tuesday
17 April 1984
Antigua Labour Party 67.90% 16 17 61.12%
1989 Thursday
9 March 1989
Antigua Labour Party 63.85% 15 17 60.72%
1994 Tuesday
8 March 1994
Antigua Labour Party 54.44% 11 17 62.32%
1999 Tuesday
9 March 1999
Antigua Labour Party 52.94% 12 17 63.61%
2004 Tuesday
23 March 2004
United Progressive Party 55.50% 12 17 91.19%
2009 Thursday
12 March 2009
United Progressive Party 50.95% 9 17 80.27%
2014 Thursday
12 June 2014
Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party 56.64% 14 17 90.08%
 Trends in Percentage Votes by Party
Trends in Percentage Votes by Party
 Swing Analysis
Trends in Percentage Votes by Party
 Trends in Registered Voters vs. Total Votes Cast
Trends in Percentage Votes by Party
 Trends in Voter Turnout
Trends in Percentage Votes by Party
ABLP = Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party; UPP = United Progressive Partry; ABTLP = Antigua and Barbuda True Labour Party; BPM = Barbuda Preople's Movemnet; ABPM = Antigua Barbuda People's Movement; IND = Independent Candidate; *incumbent; ** Political Leader
Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission
Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (2014). www.ablp.ag
United Progressive Party (2014). www.uppantigua.com
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ABLP Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party
UPP United Progressive Party
BPM Barbuda People's Movement
ABPMBPM Antigua Barbuda People's Movement
ABTLP Antigua Barbuda True Labour Party
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