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General Election Results - 22 April 2015

On Wednesday, 25 February 2015, a Proclamation was issued by Her Excellency the Governor, Christina Scott, dissolving the Anguilla House of Assembly with immediate effect.  This paved the way for the general election. The Governor acted after consultation with Chief Minister, Hubert Hughes, as provided by the Constitution.  Nomination Day was set for Thursday, 9 April 2015; and Polling Day for Wednesday, 22 April 2015.

Approximately 11,000 Anguillians were eligible to vote in the 35 square mile British Overseas Territory with a population of just over 13,000.

A total of 19 candidates are contesting the 2015 General Election. Both the majority Anguillan United Movement (AUM) led by Dr. Ellis L. Webster; and the opposition Anguillan United Front (AUF) led by former Finance, Economics, Commerce and Tourism Minister Victor Banks, have a candidate running for election in each of the seven constituencies.  The almost two-year-old Democracy, Opportunity, Vision & Empowerment (DOVE) party, headed by former Cable and Wireless executive and businessman Sutcliffe Hodge is fielding only three candidates. There are also two independents - Palmovan Webster, a lawyer and businessman Statchel Warner - vying to become the representatives of their respective constituencies.

The economy, job creation, infrastructural development and good governance were among the main issues a lengthy election campaign, spanning a little over 12 months.

For the first time in Anguilla’s history, a six member team of independent election observers arranged by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) British Islands and the Mediterranean will be monitoring the polls.

On Polling Day there was a landslide victory for the Anguilla United Front (AUF) winning six of the seven seats. Independent Palmavon Webster preventing the AUF from making a clean sweep of the polls.

The result represented the return of elected women to the House of Assembly after an absence of 30 years, with three women being victorious - Cora Richardson-Hodge and Evalie Bradlie of the AUF and Independent Pam Webster.

A total of 7,978 of the 10,908 registered voters participated in the election resulting in a voter turnout of 73.14%

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Total Valid Votes 7,937
Invalid Votes 41
Total Votes Cast 7,978
Registered Voters 10,908
Voter Turnout 73.14%
Dissolution of House Wed, 25 Feb 2015
Nomination Day Thu, 09 Apr 2015
Polling Day Wed, 22 Apr 2015
First Meeting of Parliament Mon, 11 May 2015
  Photo Victor BANKS Winner
Anguilla United Front (AUF)
  Photo Ellis WEBSTER
Anguilla United Movement (AUM)
  Photo Sutcliffe HODGE
DOVE Party
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Pam Webster  
CPA Election Observers Preliminary Report Download report
Results by Party
54.47% of votes
38.24% of votes
1.37% of votes
5.92% of votes
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Results are NOT final until they are officially announced by the Central Electoral Office.

2015 Winners
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Results in Graphs
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Results by Constituency
Electoral District  Registered voters AUF AUM DOVE IND Valid Votes Invalid Votes Total Votes Turnout
District 1: Island Harbour 1,696 434 412 - 460 1,306 3 1,309 77.18%
District 2: Sandy Hill 964 461 295 - - 756 0 756 78.42%
District 3: Valley North 2,005 948 396 58 - 1,402 7 1,409 70.27%
District 4: Valley South 2,355 1,057 655 28 - 1,740 19 1,759 74.69%
District 5: Road North 1,187 394 393 - - 787 4 791 66.64%
District 6: Road South 1,718 640 571 23 10 1,244 3 1,247 72.58%
District 7:West End 983 389 313 - - 702 5 707 71.92%
Total 10,908 4,323 3,035 109 470 7,937 41 7,978 73.14%

Results are NOT final until they are officially announced by the Central Electoral Office.

Detailed Results by Constituency
District 1:
Island Harbour
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  Candidate Party Votes % votes
  VANTERPOOL, Othlyn AUF 434 33.23%
  WEBSTER, Ellis AUM 412 31.55%
  WEBSTER, Pamalvon Winner IND 460 35.22%
District 2:
Sandy Hill
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  Candidate Party Votes % votes
  RICARDSON-HODGE, Cora Winner AUF 461 60.98%
  ROBERTS, Jerome AUM 295 39.02%
District 3:
Valley North
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  Candidate Party Votes % votes
  ROGERS, Evans M. Winner AUF 948 67.62%
  RICHARDSON, Elkin AUM 396 28.25%
  HODGE, Sutcliffe DOVE 58 4.14%
District 4:
Valley South
View results for constituency
  Candidate Party Votes % votes
  BANKS, Victor F. Winner AUF 1,057 60.75%
  GUMBS, Evans AUM 655 37.64%
  KENTISH, George L. DOVE 28 1.61%
District 5:
Road North
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  Candidate Party Votes % votes
  BRADLEY, Evalie Winner AUF 394 50.06%
  HANLEY, Patrick AUM 393 49.94%
District 6:
Road South
View results for constituency
  Candidate Party Votes % votes
  RICHARDSON, Curtis A. Winner AUF 640 51.45%
  HUGHES, Hadyn AUM 571 45.90%
  NILES, H. Clifton DOVE 23 1.85%
  WARNER, Statchel IND 10 0.80%
District 7:
West End
View results for constituency
  Candidate Party Votes % votes
  CONNOR, Cardigan Winner AUF 389 55.41%
  RICHARDSON-HARRIGAN, Kristy AUM 313 44.59%
Elected Members of the House of Assembly
The unicameral House of Assembly was comprised of 7 elected members.
Electoral District Representative Party
District 1: Island Harbour WEBSTER, Pamalvon   Independent
District 2: Sandy Hill RICARDSON-HODGE, Cora   Anguilla United Front
District 3: Valley North ROGERS, Evans M.   Anguilla United Front
District 4: Valley South BANKS, Victor F.   Anguilla United Front
District 5: Road North BRADLEY, Evalie   Anguilla United Front
District 6: Road South RICHARDSON, Curtis A.   Anguilla United Front
District 7:West End CONNOR, Cardigan   Anguilla United Front
AUF = Anguilla United Front; AUM = Anguilla United Movement; DOVE = The DOVE Party; IND = Independent; * Incumbent; ** Political Leader
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