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Bermuda Government Structure
Bermuda House of assembly

Bermuda’s system of government is based on the Westminster Model of parliamentary democracy, as in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. This system relies heavily upon the existence of organized political parties, each laying policies before the electorate for approval in a general election.

In Bermuda, the government comprises:

  • The Governor, who is appointed by the Queen
  • The Deputy Governor, who is appointed by the Governor
  • The Premier, who is the majority leader in the House of Assembly
  • The Cabinet, who are appointed by the Premier
  • The Legislature, made up of: The House of Assembly, comprising 36 elected members from around Bermuda; and The Senate, comprised of 11 members appointed by the Governor.
Bermuda Cabinet Office

The Head of State is Queen Elizabeth II, represented by a UK-appointed governor, who is responsible for defence, external affairs and internal security. The executive include the Premier, chosen from the majority party, heads a cabinet of no more than 14 members of the legislature

Bermuda Parliament Building

Bermuda's bicameral Parliament consists of the Senate (11 appointed members - (five from the governing party at the recommendation of the Premier, three from the official opposition at the recommendation of the leader of the opposition, and three as independents, chosen by the Governor; members serve 5-year terms) and the House of Assembly (36 seats; members directly elected in single-seat constituencies by simple majority vote to serve up to 5-year terms). Bermuda is divided into 36 constituencies, each represented by one member in the House of Assembly. The party who wins the most seats in a general election - or who has the support of a majority of members in the House of Assembly - forms the government. The largest minority party becomes the official opposition.

2017 Sitting of Bermuda Supreme Court

Bermuda's judiciary includes the Court of Appeal (consists of the court president and at least 2 justices); Supreme Court (consists of the chief justice, 4 puisne judges, and 1 associate justice); note - the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, in London, is the court of final appeal. Subordinate courts include the commercial court (began in 2006); magistrates' courts.

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