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Dominica Labour Party
Constituency Marigot
Party Dominica Labour Party (DLP)
   Lennox LINTON**
 United Workers' Party (UWP)

Candidate's Perspective:

As the former District Medical Officer of Marigot for six years, I have been asked by many among you to stand for election as your Parliamentary Representative.

After careful thought, I can think of no greater way to serve my community than to comply with your requests. My goal is to give the type ofrepresentation that will improve the lives of all of the residents of Marigot.
As part of a winning Dominica Labour Party team I am confident that together we can achieve great things for the constituency of Marigot.

My vision is of a Marigot constituency where everyone has the opportunity to improve their lives by being able to find employment that gives them satisfaction.

One of the things I will make a priority is the full potential of the fishing complex at the Bayfront. I will therefore work hard to have everything in place for the complex to operate as a Port of entry so that the export of fish from Marigot to Mariegalante and points further afield can become a reality.

I know this has the ability to provide greater employment and to change people’s lives for the better and I look forward to making this a reality once you elect me.

Agriculture too has a role to play and for those of you involved in farming, I will provide leadership to bring new techniques and equipment to our farming community so that your families can benefit as well.

I believe we must investigate and introduce agro-processing industries to add value to our agriculture. Hand in hand with this, I will work closely with the experts to identify and develop markets for the resulting products.

Of course, the roads that service our farmlands will continue to be upgraded.

Active bodies are usually healthy bodies and I will push for the development of more sporting facilities across our constituency. To complement this I will lobby for improvements to the Health Facility in Marigot, along with expanded medical services in certain areas.

In education, I will push for expanded subject areas at Northeast Comprehensive and access to the Internet so as to capitalize on distant learning.

I am asking that you continue to place your trust in me and vote for me as your Parliamentary Representative. I shall not let you down.

DLP = Dominica Labour Party; UWP = United Workers Party; IND = Independent Candidate; *incumbent; ** Political Leader
Electoral Office of the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica
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