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Area: 75 sq miles (193 sq km) | Population: 100,500 (via UN, 2006)
Capital City: Oranjestad
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Overview of Electoral System
Here, we provide an overview of the electoral system in the country. Additional information may be found in the Country Browser.
Head of State Inherited monarchy with a Governor appointed by the Dutch Monarch
Head of Government Prime Minister indirectly elected by legislature/chosen by parliament
Structure of Parliament Unicamarel Legislature (Staten) with 21 seats
Electoral Law -
Constituencies There is one nationwide district. The electoral system is open list PR. Party lists may contain up to 29 candidates.
Voting System In the Legislature (Staten) 21 members are elected by proportional representation to serve 4-year terms.
Term of Office 4 years
Voter Requirements - age: 18 years
Candidate Eligibility and Requirements Qualified electors
- age: 18 years
Electoral Authority Head Electoral Council
Last Elections 27 September 2013
Next Elections September 2017
Political Parties
Here, we provide information on active political parties. A more comprehensive list of political parties may be found in our Knowledge Centre.
Party Political Leader
Aliansa/Aruban Social Movement or MSA Robert WEVER
Aruban Liberal Organization or OLA Glenbert CROES
Aruban Patriotic Movement or MPA Monica ARENDS-KOCK
Aruban Patriotic Party or PPA Benny NISBET
Aruban People's Party or AVP Mike EMAN
People's Electoral Movement Party or MEP [Nelson O. ODUBER
Real Democracy or PDR [Andin BIKKER
Workers Political Platform or PTT Gregorio WOLFF
Past Elections
Here, we provide links to results of past elections. This list is not all inclusive; we will continue to update the list and encourage you to assist us in filling any observed gaps. Notify us if you think a resource listed here has become deceptive or unfactual.
Year Specific Date Election Type View Results Source
2005 23 September 2005 Legislative View results IFES Election Guide
2009 25 September 2009 Parliamentary View results IFES Election Guide
2013 27 September 2013 Legislative View results IFES Election Guide
Election Reports
Here, we provide official reports of past elections and reports from election observation missions. This list is not all inclusive; we will continue to update the list and encourage you to suggest other resources you think we should list here. You may also view our collection of Election Observer Reports in our Reading Room.
This section is currently being updated.
Party Manifestos
Here, we provide party manifestos from previous elections. This list is not all inclusive; we will continue to update the list and encourage you to suggest other resources you think we should list here. You may also view our collection of manifestos in our Reading Room.


AVP 2013 Manifesto      


PPA 2013 Manifesto      


MEP 2013 Manifesto      


PDR 2013 Manifesto      


UPP 2013 Manifesto      

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