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Country Profile Suriname Elections
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Area: 163,265 sq km (63,037 sq miles) | Population:524,000 (UN, 2010)
Capital City: Paramaribo
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Overview of Electoral System
Here, we provide an overview of the electoral system in the country. Additional information may be found in the Country Browser.
Head of State Head of State is the Head of Government. President iIndirectly elected by legislature
Head of Government Indirectly elected by legislature/chosen by parliament
Structure of Parliament Unicameral National Assembly (Nationale Assemblee) with 51 members
Electoral Law 23 October 1987
Constituencies 10 multi-member constituencies (between 2 and 17 seats each).
Voting System The President is elected by the National Assembly to serve a 5-year term. In the the National Assembly (Nationale Assemblee) 51 members are elected by popular vote to serve 5-year terms.
Term of Office 5 years
Voter Requirements - age: 18 years
- Suriname citizenship
- residence in the country
- disqualifications: deprivation of voting right by court decision, detention, insanity
Candidate Eligibility and Requirements Qualified electors
- age: 21 years
- Suriname citizenship
- residence in the constituency where running for at least 2 years
- member of a political party
- nomination by political party
- support by specified number of electors
Electoral Authority The Independent Electoral Council Central Polling Authority
Last Elections 25 May 2015
Next Elections 25 May 2020
Political Parties
Here, we provide information on active political parties. A more comprehensive list of political parties may be found in our Knowledge Centre.
Party Political Leader
Alternative-1 or A-1 (a coalition of Amazone Party of Suriname or APS Kenneth VAN GENDEREN
Democrats of the 21st Century or D-21 Soewarto MOESTADJA
Nieuw Suriname or NS Radjen Nanan PANDAY
Political Wing of the FAL or PVF Jiwan SITAL
Trefpunt 2000 or T-2000 Arti JESSURUN
Democratic Union Suriname -
General Interior Development Party or ABOP Ronnie BRUNSWIJK
Mega Combination -
National Democratic Party or NDP Desire BOUTERSE
National Union -
New Front for Democracy and Development or NF (a coalition that includes A-Combination or A-Com, Democratic Alternative 1991 or DA-91, an independent, business-oriented party Winston JESSURUN
National Party Suriname or NPS -
United Reform Party or VHP Ramdien SARDJOE
Pertjaja Luhur or PL Salam Paul SOMOHARDJO
Surinamese Labor Party or SPA Siegfried GILDS
Party for Democracy and Development in Unity or DOE Marten SCHALKWIJK
People's Alliance for Progress or VVV (a coalition of Democratic National Platform 2000 or DNP-2000 Jules WIJDENBOSCH
Grassroots Party for Renewal and Democracy or BVD] Tjan GOBARDHAN
Party for National Unity and Solidarity of the Highest Order or KTPI Willy SOEMITA
Party for Progression, Justice, and Perseverance or PPRS Renee KAIMAN
Pendawalima or PL Raymond SAPOEN
Permanent Prosperity Republic of Suriname -
Progressive Laborers and Farmers Union or PALU Jim HOK
Progressive Political Party or PPP Surinder MUNGRA
Seeka Paul ABENA
Union of Progressive Surinamers or UPS Sheoradj PANDAY
Past Elections
Here, we provide links to results of past elections. This list is not all inclusive; we will continue to update the list and encourage you to assist us in filling any observed gaps. Notify us if you think a resource listed here has become deceptive or unfactual.
Year Specific Date Election Type View Results Source
2000 25 May 2000 Parliamentary View results psephos.adam-carr.net
2005 25 May 2005 Legislative View results IFES Election Guide
2005 3 August 2005 Presidential View results IFES Election Guide
2010 25 May 2010 Legislative View results IFES Election Guide
2010 19 July 2010 Presidential View results IFES Election Guide
Party Manifestos
Here, we provide party manifestos from previous elections. This list is not all inclusive; we will continue to update the list and encourage you to suggest other resources you think we should list here. You may also view our collection of manifestos in our Reading Room.


DOE 2010 Manifesto      
DRS 2015 Manifesto      


MC 2010 Manifesto      


Download Download    
NF 2010 Manifesto NF 2005 Manifesto    


PL 2010 Manifesto      

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