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Grenada General Election Results - 27 March 1961

Old Grenada Parliament Building

General elections were held in Grenada on 27 March 1961. 

Electoral System

The number of seats in the Legislative Council was increased by two to 10 with its members being elected in single-member constituencies by first-past-the-post voting.


Following the introduction of the new Constitution on 21 December 1959 real authority for governing the country was given to a Chief Minister and those from the majority party in the Legislative Council. Herbert Blaize was appointed the first Chief Minister from 1 January 1960 when the Legislative Council provisions took effect.  The Constitution stipulated that at the next election the Legislature would consist of ten elected members and two nominated members.  The Queen was represented by an Administrator with reduced powers.  Grenada's Administrator at this time was James Lloyd, a Jamaican.

Gairy, the leader of GULP, had been banned from political activity for five years for disrupting an opponent's political meeting on 28 October 1957, by leading a steel band through it.  He was not eligible to be a candidate in 1961.  Administrator James Lloyd would not raise the ban early.

Political Parties & Candidates

Three political parties contested the election - the Grenada United Labour Party (GULP) presented a full slate of 10 candidates; the Grenada National Party (GNP) 9, the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) 6; and there were three independent candidates.


Eric Gairy's Grenada United Labour Party (GULP) won eight of the 10 seats, his wife Cynthia Gairy becoming the first woman to be elected to the legislature.  George E.D. Clyne of GULP became Chief Minister and served from March to August 1961 when, following the direct intervention of the British government, Gairy's political ban was lifted early, and Clyne resigned allowing Gairy to return in a by-election and become Chief Minister. 

Voter Turnout

Voter turnout was 55.5%.

System First-past-the-post
Elected Members 10 single-member constituencies
Total Valid Votes 21,754
Invalid Votes 1,041
Total Votes Cast 22,795
Registered Voters 41,082
Voter Turnout 55.49%
Dissolution of House Wed, 22 Feb 1961
Nomination Day Wed, 8 Mar 1961
Polling Day Mon, 27 Mar 1961
First Meeting of Parliament -
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  Party Code Votes % votes Candidates Seats
  Grenada United Labour Party Winner GULP 11,606 53.35% 10 8
  Grenada National Party GNP 5,802 26.67% 9 2
  People's Democratic Movement PDM 3,371 15.50% 6 0
  Independent Candidates IND 975 4.48% 3 0
  Total Valid Votes Total 21,754 100% 28 10
Constituency   Representative Party
St. George's Town   Edward Augustus MITCHELL Grenada National Party
St. George Parish North   George Elliot Dunbar CLYNE Grenada United Labour Party
St. George Parish South   Joshua THORNE Grenada United Labour Party
St. John   Herbert John PREDUHOMME Grenada United Labour Party
St. Mark   Albert Oswald FORSYTH Grenada United Labour Party
St. Patrick   Ralph Orlando WILLIAMS Grenada United Labour Party
St. Andrew North   Allen Leonard WILLIAMS Grenada United Labour Party
St. Andrew South   David Theophilus SYLVESTER Grenada United Labour Party
St. David   Cynthia Bernadette GAIRY Grenada United Labour Party
Carriacou   Herbert Augustus BLAIZE Grenada National Party
Constituency Candidate Party  Votes Vote%
St. George's Town E.A. MITCHELL Winner GNP 874 44.64%
R.C.P. MOORE GULP 688 35.14%
J.D. KNIGHT PDM 396 20.22%
St. George Parish North C.J. CAMBRIDGE GNP 125 4.49%
G.E.D. CLYNE Winner GULP 1,517 54.43%
L.A. PURCELL PDM 1,145 41.08%
St. George Parish South H.A. ROBERTSON GNP 363 19.03%
J. THORNE Winner GULP 1,359 71.23%
G.B.W. OTWAY PDM 186 9.75%
St. John J.G. DeCOTEAU GNP 359 21.34%
H.J. PREUDHOMME Winner GULP 1,007 59.87%
B.C. CAMPBELL PDM 316 18.79%
St. Mark W.L. DUNCAN GNP 316 30.36%
A.O. FORSYTH Winner GULP 725 69.64%
St. Patrick W.E. COPLAND GNP 1,228 44.88%
R.O. WILLIAMS Winner GULP 1,508 55.12%
St. Andrew North T.E. NOBEL-SMITH GNP 193 8.22%
A.L. WILLIAMS Winner GULP 1,421 60.55%
St. Andrew South F.C. NOEL GNP 851 27.53%
D.T. SYLVESTER Winner GULP 1,507 48.75%
M.Z. MARK PDM 506 16.37%
G.L.N. ALEXIS IND 180 5.82%
G. NOEL IND 47 1.52%
St. David C.B. GAIRY Winner GULP 1,506 64.28%
L.C.J. THOMAS PDM 822 35.08%
D.W. RADIX IND 15 0.64%
Carriacou H.A. BLAIZE Winner GNP 1,493 80.23%
C.A. CAYENNE GULP 368 19.77%
Constituency GULP GNP PDM IND Valid Votes
St. George's Town 688 874 396 - 1,958
St. George Parish North 1,517 125 1,145 - 2,787
St. George Parish South 1,359 363 186 - 1,908
St. John 1,007 359 316 - 1,682
St. Mark 725 316 - - 1,041
St. Patrick 1,508 1,228 - - 2,736
St. Andrew North 1,421 193 - 733 2,347
St. Andrew South 1,507 851 506 227 3,091
St. David 1,506 - 822 15 2,343
Carriacou 368 1,493 - - 1,861
Total 11,606 5,802 3,371 975 21,754
NNP = New National Party; NDC = New Democratic Congress; GEM = Grenada Empowerment Movement; GPM = Grenada Progressive Movement; GRP = Grenada Renaissance Party; GUPM = Grenada United Patriotic Movement; TLP = The Liberal Partry; TPP= The Progress Party; ULP = United Labour Platform; GULP = Grenada United Labour Platform; PLM = People's Labour Movement; GOD = Good Old Democracy; MBPM = Maurice Bishop Patriotic Movement; URP = United Republican Party; CDLP = Christian Democratic Labour Party; GFLP = Grenada Federated Labour Party;IND = Independent; * Incumbent; ** Political Leader
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