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Grenada General Election Results - 7 December 1976

Old Grenada Parliament Building

General elections were held in Grenada on 7 December 1976.

Electoral System

The 15 members of the House of Representatives were elected in single-member constituencies by first-past-the-post voting.There was no fixed election date in effect in Grenada at this time; hence, the choice of election date is the prerogative of the Prime Minister.

Political Parties & Candidates

In an attempt to end the Prime Minister Eric Gairy and his ruling Grenada United Labour Party (GULP)’s seemingly unshakeable electoral monopoly, the three main opposition political parties – the leftist New Jewel Movement (NJM) under Maurice Bishop (nominating seven candidates), the centrist Grenada National Party under Herbert Blaize (nominating five candidates), and the pro-business United People’s Party under Winston Whyte, a former GULP senator (nominating two candidates) – formed a coalition party, the People’s Alliance, to contest the 1976 general elections.  The Alliance was led by Maurice Bishop.

Election Campaign

The failure of the NJM to remove Eric Gairy from power by mass protest in 1974 had forced its leaders to participate in parliamentary elections, even though they believed the electoral process to be “woefully deficient.” The youth vote, from which the NJM derived much support, became important, especially since 18-year-olds were eligible to vote for the first time. Though the PA had hoped that its broad-based support would be enough to defeat PM Gairy, it was confronted with a number of political obstacles including the passing of a number of laws like the banning of the use of public address systems by opposition parties. The GULP government had a monopoly of the airwaves, and even controlled the choice of an opposition election symbol.


On polling day, GULP was returned to power but with a vastly reduced Assembly majority, as it won only nine seats - five fewer than it had held in the previous House. 

Voter Turnout

Voter turnout was 65.26%.


Three years later, the New Jewel Movement, in a move which was supported by the majority of the population, overthrew Gairy.

System First-past-the-post
Elected Members 15 single-member constituencies
Total Valid Votes 40,839
Invalid Votes 399
Total Votes Cast 41,238
Registered Voters 63,193
Voter Turnout 65.26%
Dissolution of House Fri, 5 Nov 1976
Nomination Day Thu, 18 Nov 1976
Polling Day Tue, 7 Dec 1976
First Meeting of Parliament Wed, 16 Feb 1977
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  Party Code Votes % votes Candidates Seats
  Grenada United Labour Party Winner GULP 21,108 51.74% 15 9
  People's Alliance PA 18,886 46.29% 14 6
  Independent Candidates IND 803 1.97% 1 0
  Total Valid Votes Total 40,797 100% 30 15
Constituency   Representative Party
Carriacou   Herbert A. BLAIZE Grenada National Party
St. Andrew South East   Hubert ALEXIS Grenada United Labour Party
St. Andrew South West   Norris BAIN New Jewel Movement
St. Andrew North East   Christier THOMAS Grenada United Labour Party
St. Andrew North West   Innocent BELMAR Grenada United Labour Party
St. David   Cynthia GAIRY Grenada United Labour Party
Town of St. George   Winston Bernard COARD New Jewel Movement
St. George North East   Unison WHITEMAN New Jewel Movement
St. George North West   George HOSTEN Grenada United Labour Party
St. George South East   Maurice Rupert BISHOP New Jewel Movement
St. George South   Eric M. GAIRY Grenada United Labour Party
St. John   Herbert PREUDHOMME Grenada United Labour Party
St. Mark   Albert FORSYTHE Grenada United Labour Party
St. Patrick East   Oliver PAEBURN Grenada United Labour Party
St. Patrick West   Winston WHYTE Christian Democratic Labour Party
Constituency Registered
Candidate Party  Votes Vote%
Carriacou 3,316 Herbert A. BLAIZE Winner GNP 1,542 76.68%
Charles CAYENNE GULP 469 23.32%
St. Andrew South East 3,016 Hubert ALEXIS Winner GULP 1,270 61.80%
Sydney AMBROSE GNP 785 38.20%
St. Andrew South West 5,054 Norris BAIN Winner NJM 1,771 53.88%
Lloyd ST LOUIS GULP 1,516 46.12%
St. Andrew North East 4,043 Christier THOMAS Winner GULP 1,410 59.12%
Vernon SIMON GNP 975 40.88%
St. Andrew North West 3,081 Innocent BELMAR Winner GULP 1,166 69.99%
Ben JONES GNP 500 30.01%
St. David 1,976 Cynthia GAIRY Winner GULP 2,271 53.07%
Kendrick RADIX NJM 2,008 46.93%
Town of St. George 5,691 Winston Bernard COARD Winner NJM 1,685 56.15%
Roy Edward ST. JOHN GULP 1,316 43.85%
St. George North East 5,047 Unison WHITEMAN Winner NJM 1,858 55.95%
Franklyn DOLLAND GULP 1,463 44.05%
St. George North West 3,191 George HOSTEN Winner GULP 1,399 63.53%
B. SYLVESTER IND 803 36.47%
St. George South East 3,943 Maurice BISHOP Winner NJM 1,319 52.13%
Norman DeDOUSA GULP 1,211 47.87%
St. George South 5,175 Eric M. GAIRY Winner GULP 1,989 64.33%
Selwyn STRAGHAN NJM 1,103 35.67%
St. John 5,538 Herbert PREUDHOMME Winner GULP 2,096 55.95%
Lloyd Noel NJM 1,650 44.05%
St. Mark 2,518 Albert FORSYTHE Winner GULP 1,079 55.62%
Rupert JAPAL GNP 861 44.38%
St. Patrick East 3,082 Oliver PAEBURN Winner GULP 1,002 51.54%
Wilberforce NYACK GNP 942 48.46%
St. Patrick West 3,909 Winston WHYTE Winner CDLP 1,548 55.05%
Ashton FRAME GULP 1,264 44.95%
Constituency Registered Voters GULP PA IND Valid Votes Voter Turnout
Carriacou 3,316 469 1,542 - 2,011 60.65%
St. Andrew South East 3,016 1,290 785 - 2,075 68.80%
St. Andrew South West 5,054 1,516 1,771 - 3,287 65.04%
St. Andrew North East 4,043 1,410 975 - 2,385 58.99%
St. Andrew North West 3,081 1,330 821 - 2,151 69.81%
St. David 6,589 2,271 2,008 - 4,279 64.94%
Town of St. George 5,691 1,316 1,683 - 2,999 52.70%
St. George North East 5,047 1,463 1,858 - 3,321 65.80%
St. George North West 3,191 1,400 - 803 2,203 69.04%
St. George South East 3,943 1,271 1,319 - 2,590 65.69%
St. George South 5,175 1,989 1,103 - 3,092 59.75%
St. John 5,538 2,096 1,654 - 3,750 67.71%
St. Mark 2,518 1,079 861 - 1,940 77.05%
St. Patrick East 3,082 1,002 942 - 1,944 63.08%
St. Patrick West 3,909 1,264 1,548 - 2,812 71.94%
Total 63,193 21,166 18,870 803 40,839 64.63%
NNP = New National Party; NDC = New Democratic Congress; GEM = Grenada Empowerment Movement; GPM = Grenada Progressive Movement; GRP = Grenada Renaissance Party; GUPM = Grenada United Patriotic Movement; TLP = The Liberal Partry; TPP= The Progress Party; ULP = United Labour Platform; GULP = Grenada United Labour Platform; PLM = People's Labour Movement; GOD = Good Old Democracy; MBPM = Maurice Bishop Patriotic Movement; URP = United Republican Party; CDLP = Christian Democratic Labour Party; GFLP = Grenada Federated Labour Party;IND = Independent; * Incumbent; ** Political Leader
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