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Barbados Parliament
The Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda
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The Westminister-style bicameral Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda consists of Her Majesty the Queen of England (represented by a Governor-General), an appointed Senate and an elected House of Representatives. The Parliament consists of the 19-member House of Representatives, responsible for introducing legislation, and the 17-member Senate, which reviews and gives assent to proposed legislation.

Representatives are elected by popular vote in general elections that are constitutionally mandated every five years but may be called earlier. Senators are appointed by the Governor General. The major figures in Parliament and the government come from the House of Representatives. The Prime Minister is the leader of the party that holds the majority of seats in the House; the Opposition Leader is the representative, appointed by the Governor General, who appears to have the greatest support of those members opposed to the majority government.

The Prime Minister creates an executive government and advises the Governor General on the appointments to thirteen of the seventeen seats in the Senate. The leader of the opposition, recognized constitutionally, is responsible for advising the Governor General on the appointment of the remaining four senators to represent the opposition in the Senate. The Opposition Leader also consults with the Governor General, in conjunction with the Prime Minister, on the composition of other appointed bodies and commissions. In this way, the opposition is ensured a voice in government.

Current Parliament
The first meeting of the current parliament took place on Wednesday, 25 June 2014 following the general election of 12 June 2014.
President of the Senate
Senator the Hon. Alincia WILLIAMS-GRANT
Deputy Speaker
Senator the Hon. Osbert Richard FREDERICK
Past Members of the Senate
Speaker of the House of Representatives
Hon. Sir Gerald WATT, KCN, QC
Deputy Speaker
Hon. Dean JONAS
Past Members of the House of Representatives
Presidents of the Senate
The current President of the Senate is Senator the Hon. Alincia WILLIAMS-GRANT, with Senator the Hon. Osbert Richard FREDERICK as Vice President.
Name Entered Office Left Office
Senator the Hon. Dr. Luther R. WYNTER, CBE - 1968
Senator the Hon. Clarence A. HARNEY 1971 1976
Senator the Hon. Keithly HEATH 1976 -
Senator the Hon. Bradley CARROTT - 18 February 1994
Senator the Hon. Millicent PERCIVAL 21 March 1994 26 February 2004
Senator Dr. the Hon. Edmond MANSOOR 26 March 2004 5 January 2005
Senator the Hon. Hazelyn MASON-FRANCIS 7 January 2005 16 May 2014
Senator the Hon. Alincia WILLIAMS-GRANT 25 June 2014 incumbent
Speakers of the House of Representatives
The current Speaker of the House of Representatives is Hon. Sir Gerald WATT, KCN, QC, with Hon. Dean JONAS as Deputy Speaker.
Name Entered Office Left Office
Hon. Denfield W. HURST - -
Hon. Cecil HEWLETT - 1975
Hon. Casford L. MURRAY 1976 18 February 1994
Hon. Bridget HARRIS 21 March 1994 26 February 2004
Hon. Giselle ISAAC-ARINDELL 29 March 2004 16 May 2014
Hon. Sir Gerald WATT, KCN, QC 25 June 2014 incumbent
source: http://www.ab.gov.ag/
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