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 The House of Representatives of Puerto Rico
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The House of Representatives consists of 51 members, one per each of the 40 electoral districts and 11 elected proportionally. Legislators are popularly elected to four-year terms. Whenever the minority party elects less than 9 representatives, the Constitution of Puerto Rico provides for the enlargement of the body through the recognition of "add-on" representatives, who become representatives "at-large".

Members of the 29th House of Representatives
Members Name District Party
Brenda López de Arrarás At-large Popular Democratic Party
Charlie Hernández At-large Popular Democratic Party
Eduardo Ferrer Ríos At-large Popular Democratic Party
Jaime Perelló At-large Popular Democratic Party
Jorge Colberg Toro At-large Popular Democratic Party
Luis Vega Ramos At-large Popular Democratic Party
Luis Raúl Torres District 2 Popular Democratic Party
Sonia Pacheco District 3 Popular Democratic Party
José Luis Báez District 4 Popular Democratic Party
Rafael "Tatito" Hernández District 11 Popular Democratic Party
César Hernández District 15 Popular Democratic Party
José "Tony" Rodríguez District 16 Popular Democratic Party
Armando Franco District 17 Popular Democratic Party
Efraín de Jesús District 19 Popular Democratic Party
Carlos Bianchi Angleró District 20 Popular Democratic Party
Lydia Méndez Silva District 21 Popular Democratic Party
Nelson Torres Yordán District 23 Popular Democratic Party
Víctor "Cacho" Vassallo District 25 Popular Democratic Party
José "Pito" Torres District 27 Popular Democratic Party
Carlos Vargas Ferrer District 29 Popular Democratic Party
Luis "Narmito" Ortíz District 30 Popular Democratic Party
Jesús Santa Rodríguez District 31 Popular Democratic Party
José "Conny" Varela District 32 Popular Democratic Party
Ramón Luis Cruz District 34 Popular Democratic Party
Narden Jaime Espinosa District 35 Popular Democratic Party
Javier Aponte Dalmau District 38 Popular Democratic Party
Roberto Rivera Ruíz District 39 Popular Democratic Party
Ángel Matos García District 40 Popular Democratic Party
Jenniffer González At-large New Progressive Party
José Aponte Hernández At-large New Progressive Party
José "Kikito" Meléndez At-large New Progressive Party
Lourdes Ramos At-large New Progressive Party
María Milagros Charbonier At-large New Progressive Party
José "Nuno" López District 1 New Progressive Party
Jorge Navarro Suárez District 5 New Progressive Party
Antonio "Tony" Soto District 6 New Progressive Party
Luis Pérez Ortíz District 7 New Progressive Party
Antonio "Toñito" Silva District 8 New Progressive Party
Ángel "Gary" Rodríguez District 9 New Progressive Party
Pedro Julio Santiago District 10 New Progressive Party
Héctor Torres Calderón District 12 New Progressive Party
Gabriel Rodríguez Aguiló District 13 New Progressive Party
Ricardo Llerandi District 14 New Progressive Party
Ángel Muñoz District 18 New Progressive Party
Waldemar Quiles Rodríguez District 22 New Progressive Party
Luis "Tato" León District 24 New Progressive Party
Urayoán Hernández District 26 New Progressive Party
Rafael "June" Rivera District 28 New Progressive Party
Ángel Peña District 33 New Progressive Party
Carlos "Johnny" Méndez District 36 New Progressive Party
Ángel Bulerín District 37 New Progressive Party
source: http://www.topuertorico.org/government.shtml
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