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Jamaica National Strategies & Policies
This section provides digital copies of national strategies and policies. This list are not all inclusive, presenting only those documents currently in the public domain. Other documents may be available but not cleared for public access.


2016 National Policy on Poverty (Green Paper) 016 Download
2015 Medium-Term Socio-Economic Policy Framework 2015-2018 Download
2015 Medium-Term Debt Management Strategy FY2015/16 - FY2017/18 Download
2013 Medium-Term Debt Management Strategy FY2013/14 - FY2016/17 Download
2011 A Growth-Inducement Strategy for Jamaica in the Short and Medium Term 2011 Download
2009 Vision 2030 Jamaica: National Development Plan - Planning for a Secure and Prosperous Future Download


2017 Five-Pillar Strategy for Crime Prevention and Citizen Security 2017 Download
2015 Ministry of Health Strategic Business Plan 2015-2018 Download
2015 Forest Policy for Jamaica (Green Paper) 2015 Download
2015 National Diaspora Policy (Draft) 2015 Download
2014 Revised National HIV Policy 2014 Download
2013 National Mathematics Policy Guidelines 2013 Download
2013 Food and Nutrition Security Policy 2013 Download
2013 Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise (MSME) and Entrepreneurship Policy Download
2013 Strategic Plan and Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of Cancer in Jamaica 2013 - 2018 Download
2013 National Strategic and Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDS) in Jamaica 2013 - 2018 Download
2012 The National Restorative Justice Policy 2012 Download
2012 Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Strategic Business Plan 2012-2015 Download
2011 National Education Strategic Plan 2011-2020 Download
2011 Information and Communications Technology Policy 2011 Download
2011 HIV in the Workplace Policy 2011 Download
2011 Jamaica National Policy for Gender Equality 2011 Download
2010 The National Minerals Policy 2010-2030: Fostering Sustainability in Jamaica's Minerals Industry Download
2010 Jamaica's National Energy Policy 2009-2030: Securing Jamaica's Energy Future - Advancing Competitiveness, Promoting Sustainable Prosperity Download
2010 National Crime Prevention and Community Safety Strategy (NCPCSS) 2010 Download
2010 National Biofuels Policy 2010-2030 Download
2010 National Renewable Energy Policy 2009-2030: Creating a Sustainable Future Download
2010 National Energy Conservation and Efficiency Policy 2010-2030: Securing Jamaica's Energy Future Download
2009 National Export Strategy 2009 Download
2009 Persons with Disabilities Sector Plan 2009-2030 (Draft) Download
2009 Health Sector Plan 2009-2030 (Draft) Download
2009 Information and Communications Technology Sector Plan 2009-2030 Download
2008 The National Strategy for Early Childhood Development in Jamaica 2008-2013 Download
2007 National Transport Policy 2007 Download
2006 National Health Policy (2006-2015) and Strategic Plan (2006-2010) Download
2006 The Jamaica Energy Policy 2006-2020: Green Paper Download
2006 National Security Strategy for Jamaica: Towards a Secure and Prosperous Nation, 2006 Download
2005 National Hazard Mitigation Policy 2005 Download
2004 National Transport Policy 2004 Download
2004 Water Sector 2004 Download
2003 National Cultural Policy of Jamaica 2003: Towards Jamaica - The Cultural Super-state Download
2003 National Youth Policy 2003 - Jamaican Youth - Sharing di World Download
2001 Language Development Policy 2001 Download
1997 Policy for the National System of Protected Areas, 1997 Download
1997 National Policy for Senior Citizens 1997 Download
1996 National Land Policy of Jamaica, 1996 Download


2014 11th EDF National Indicative Programme (2014-2020) for co-operation between Jamaica and the European Union Download
2008 European Community - Jamaica Country Strategy Paper and National Indicative Programme for the period 2008-2013 (10th EDF). Download
2001 European Community - Jamaica Country Strategy Paper and National Indicative Programme for the period 2001-2007 (9th EDF). Download


2014 CDB Country Strategy with Suriname 2014-2016 Download


2015 Steps in the Government of Jamaica Policy Development Process Download
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