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General Election Results - 24 May 2017
Parliament Building, Bermuda

General elections were held in the Cayman Islands on 24 May 2017 for all 19 seats in the Legislative Assembly using a first-past-the-post system.. 

The 2017 General Election was the first election held using a “one person – one vote” singlemember district electoral system and the fourth elections since the introduction of a political party system in the Cayman Islands. The amendment of the Elections Law in November 2016 increased the number of elected members of the Legislative Assembly from 18 to 19.

Political Parties & Candidates

A record number of 62 candidates ran for election. A total of 15 candidates stood for the ruling Progressives party (PPM), led by Premier Alden McLaughlin; 11 candidates stood for the opposition Cayman Democratic Party (CDP), led by McKeeva Bush, while 36 candidates stood as independents.


The People's Progressive Movement remained the largest party, winning seven of the 19 seats. However, independents emerged as the largest group in the Legislative Assembly with nine seats

Voter Turnout

Voter turnout was 74.06%.


Initially, a coalition government between the Progressives, Cayman Democratic Party members and independents was announced. Under the arrangement, Alden McLaughlin would have remained as premier and McKeeva Bush would have become speaker. However, an agreement was later reached between the Cayman Democratic Party and all independent members apart from one to form a “government of national unity” in which McKeeva Bush will take office as Premier. In response, Alden McLaughlin suggested the incoming government would be a "train wreck" and that he did not "expect this government to last very long".

It was then revealed that the deal between the CDP and independent members had failed, and that discussions on government formation were ongoing by all parties.

Eventually, the coalition government originally proposed between the Progressives, Cayman Democratic Partymembers and independent members was agreed upon, and took office with Alden McLaughlin as Premier on 31 May.

System First-past-the-post
Elected Members 19 single-member constituencies
Total Votes Cast 15,721
Registered Voters 21,228
Voter Turnout 74.06%
Dissolution of House Tue, 28 Mar 2017
Nomination Day Wed, 29 Mar 2017
Polling Day Wed, 24 May 2017
First Meeting of Parliament Wed, 31 May 2017
  Photo Alden McLAUGHLIN
People's Progressive Movement (PPM)
  Photo McKeeva BUSH
Cayman Democratic Party (CDP)
Electoral Observation Mission Final Report Download report
Cayman Islands Constitution Order (2009) Download report
15 candidates
7 seats
4,909 votes
11 candidates
3 seats
3,786 votes
Parties & Independent Candidates
37 candidates
9 seats
7,026 votes
SEATS 21 seats for a majority
PPM 7 seats
9 seats IND
3 seats CDP
PARTY PLATFORMS View all Members of Parliament of Barbados
PPM 2017 Manifesto
CDP 2017 Manifesto
  Party Code Votes Candidates Seats
Total % votes Change Number Change
  People's Progressive Movement Winner PPM 4,909 31.23% -3.67% 15 7 -2
  Cayman Democratic Party CDP 3,786 24.08% -4.85% 11 3 0
  Independent Candidates IND 7,026 44.69% +32.79% 36 9 +7
  Total   21,228 100% 0% 62 19 +1
Electoral Dsitrict   Candidate Party Votes % Votes
West Bay North   Bush, Bernie Winner CDP 436 54.23%
  Smith, Mervin IND 269 33.46%
  Orrett-Ebanks, Sarah IND 99 12.31%
West Bay West   Bush, William McKeeva Winner CDP 605 71.26%
  Rivers, Paul Desmond IND 176 20.73%
  Orrett, Daphne Louise PPM 68 8.01%
West Bay Central   Ebanks, Capt.Eugene Winner CDP 435 55.98%
  Ebanks-Wilks, Katherine IND 342 44.02%
West Bay South   Rivers, Tara Antoinette Winner IND 534 53.83%
  Jefferson, Jr., John Dwight CDP 350 35.28%
  Rankin, Burns IND 56 5.65%
  Young, Laura Revon IND 52 5.24%
George Town North   Hew, Joseph Xavier Winner PPM 402 51.08%
  McGaw-Lumsden, Pearlina CDP 268 34.05%
  Thompson, Karin M. IND 117 14.87%
George Town West   Solomon, Ellio Anthony IND 93 10.85%
  Piercy, Jonathan Bardowell CDP 334 38.97%
  Wight, David Charles Winner PPM 350 40.84%
  Warren, Jr., Dennie Erling IND 80 9.33%
George Town Central   Bryan, Kenneth Vernon Winner IND 495 51.83%
  Archer, Marco Shearer PPM 460 48.17%
George Town South   Conolly, Barbara Elizabeth Winner PPM 375 40.67%
  Adam, Michael Thomas CDP 307 33.30%
  Tyson, Catherine Rosita IND 78 8.46%
  Hurlston, Paul Wendell IND 72 7.81%
  Lindsay, Alric Jeremy IND 90 9.76%
George Town East   McTaggart, Roy Michael Winner PPM 410 45.50%
  Bodden, Theresa Elizabeth CDP 193 21.42%
  Roulstone, Sharon Elaine IND 192 21.31%
  Webster, Dr. Kenrick Herbert IND 106 11.76%
Red Bay   McLaughlin, Alden Winner PPM 478 56.64%
  Tibbetts, Denniston Leitch CDP 274 32.46%
  McField, Dr. Frank Swarres IND 92 10.90%
Prospect   Harris, Jr., Austin Osmond Winner IND 466 54.63%
  Leslie, Matthew Tyrone IND 58 6.80%
  Seymour, Lucille Dell PPM 329 38.57%
Savannah   Eden, Anthony Samuel Winner IND 446 46.12%
  McTaggart, Kent Ashton IND 164 16.96%
  Bodden, Heather Dianne PPM 357 36.92%
Newlands   Suckoo, Jr., Alva Horatio Winner IND 433 43.00%
  Gonzalez, Jr., Raul IND 156 15.49%
  Panton, Gurney Wayne PPM 418 41.51%
Bodden Town West   Saunders, Christopher Selvin Winner IND 380 34.86%
  Berry, Stafford CDP 217 19.91%
  Bodden-Robinson, Maxine Jolevet PPM 306 28.07%
  McLean, Gilbert Allan IND 187 17.16%
Bodden Town East   Seymour, Dwayne Stanley Winner IND 427 37.96%
  Bodden, Osbourne Vendryes PPM 290 25.78%
  Bodden, Robert Anthony CDP 367 32.62%
  Berry, Arnold Thomas IND 41 3.64%
North Side   Miller, Ezzard Denison Winner IND 201 33.84%
  Ebanks, Justin Craig IND 75 12.63%
  Ebanks, Johany "Jay" IND 179 30.13%
  Chisholm, Edward Owen PPM 139 23.40%
East End   McLean, V. Arden Winner IND 272 45.95%
  Rankine, Issac Douglas IND 246 41.55%
  McLean, Jr., John Bonwell IND 74 12.50%
Cayman Brac West & Little Cayman   Kirkconnell, III, Moses Winner PPM 302 76.07%
  Moore, Maxine Avon IND 95 23.93%
Cayman Brac East   O'Connor-Connolly, Juliana Winner PPM 225 55.15%
  Dixon, Rudolph Lenbergh IND 183 44.85%
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