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Donaldson Romeo
People's Democratic Movement
Donaldson ROMEO
Address: Carr's Bay
Occupation: Politician
Political leader of People's Democratic Movement

PDM Party Leader Donaldson Romeo is a social activist, an artist, businessman, and independent journalist who saw a need for better representation of our people, and stepped up to provide it. He won his independent seat in our Parliament in 2009, and has stood up for fairness, jobs and better housing. His strategy entails responding to the people’s needs, employing transparency and influencing the British Government to move forward on projects to support the revival of our economy. As Opposition Leader since 2011, he has achieved the historic first of an Office for Opposition Representatives. He looks forward to leading the new PDM Government through a vision of a new beginning which puts people first. Don leads with his head, heart and hands and has wide approval and appeal.

Born in Salem, Montserrat in 1962, Donald attended the Salem Primary School and Montserrat Secondary School, George School, a Quaker boarding school in the U.S.A, followed by Temple University as a pre-med student with the intention of becoming a dentist. After the 1st year of studies, he returned home at the age of 20 to assist his ailing father with his hardware business, which he did successfully. Within one year, he left his father in the best financial situation in the 20 plus years since his business began.

During that time, he became a youth leader in the New Carmel SDA church, the Vice-President of National Basketball Association and played centre for the first national basketball team. In 1984, he moved to Britain where within a year he got into art and soon became a self-taught portrait artist.

Attempting to earn a living as a portrait artist, he immediately took to the streets paying models to sit for him, doing sketches for both locals and tourists. However, in 1989 Hurricane Hugo brought a sudden end to his free-style and adventurous life as an artist. With 90% of Montserrat’s housing stock without a roof, art was no longer a priority. He made the obvious decision to join his brother Julian and sister Valerie in the reconstruction of the family business. As soon as this business had gotten on a fairly strong footing in 1994, he made the move to publish and market his Collect-a-card and limited edition prints collection regionally and in the U.S.

But once again disaster struck and the Soufrière Hills volcano erupted in June 1995 in the midst of a very successful sales show in Guadeloupe. Don promptly returned home.

Romeo successfully contested the 2009 general election and was selected as Opposition Leader in the Legislative Council.

MCAP = Movement for Change and Prosperity; MNC = Montserrat National Congress; MULP = Montserrat United Labour Party; PDM = People's Democratic Movement; IND = Independent Candidate; *incumbent; ** Political Leader


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