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Subject to the provisions of subsection (2) of the Election Act, every person who:
  • has attained the age of eighteen years; and
  • is not a person of unsound mind so found under any law in force in Montserrat; and
  • is a Commonwealth citizen; and
  • has resided in Montserrat for 36 months immedi­ately preceding the date of registration as a voter or is domiciled in Montserrat and is resident therein at the date of such registration; and
  • is not disqualified under the provisions of this Act from being registered as a voter;

shall be entitled to be registered as a voter and, when registered, to vote at an election:

Providing that a person who is domiciled in Montserrat may, if he is not resident at the date of registration as a voter, nevertheless be registered as a voter and vote, if he is out of the country to follow a recognized course of full time study or training and obtains a certificate to that effect from the Ministry of Education.

No person shall be registered as a voter or be entitled to vote at an election who has been sentenced by any court in Her Majesty's dominions or in any territory under Her Majesty's protection to death, penal servitude, or impris­onment for a term exceeding twelve months, and has not either suffered the punishment to which he was sentenced or such other punishment as by competent authority may have been substituted for the same or received a free pardon from Her Majesty.



The Supervisor of Elections shall

  • Exercise general direction and supervision over the administrative conduct of elections and enforce on the part of all elections officers fairness, impartiality and com­pliance with the provisions of the Elections Ordinance;
  • Issue to elections officers such instructions as from time to time she may deem necessary to ensure effective execution of the provisions of this ordinance;
  • appoint a person to be the Registering Officer for Montserrat and persons to be Assistant Registration Officers as she sees fit.


The Returning Officer is responsible for the holding of elections - Elections Ordinance Section 20(3). This would include:

  • Publishing appropriate notices
  • Supervising the nomination of candidates
  • Provide all necessary guidance, materials and equip­ment to facilitate the voting process
  • Receive ballot boxes at the close of the polls
  • Supervise the counting of the votes
  • Return the results of the polls to the Supervisor of Elections


The Registering Officer and every Assistant Registering Officer shall, before entering on his duties as such take and subscribe an oath in the form set out in the Second Schedule and shall transmit such oath to the Supervisor of Elections.

The Registering Officer shall prepare in relation to each polling division a preliminary list of voters.

The Registering Officer shall prepare a Voters List in alphabetical order of all persons entitled to vote within a specified time and shall publish the same on the notice board of the Court House - Brades, Police Station, or any public building where it can be viewed by all persons concerned.


The Presiding Officer is responsible on Polling Day for efficiently manning a Polling Station. This includes:

  • Receiving ballot boxes from the Returning Officer
  • Receiving and issuing ballot papers
  • Manage the Polling process at a Polling Station
  • Supervise Poll Clerks
  • Deliver ballot boxes as well as spoiled and unused ballot Papers to the Returning Officer

THE POLL CLERK is responsible for making entries in the Poll Book.

THE TALLY CLERK is responsible for tallying the votes during the time when the votes are being counted.


Each voter has nine (9) votes. This means that he/she is entitled to vote for nine (9) candidates.

Each voter would only be permitted to cast his/her votes in the polling division in which he/she is registered.

Each voter must place an X in the slots next to the names and photographs of the persons he/she wishes to vote for on the Ballot Paper.

If a voter inadvertently spoils the ballot, he/she can ask the Presiding Officer for a fresh ballot.

A rejected ballot is a ballot placed in the ballot box by a voter and falling into any of the following categories-
  • A ballot with ten or more X's in ten (10) or more differ­ent slots on the ballot paper.
  • A ballot with more than one X in any given slot on the ballot paper.
  • A ballot on which was placed any symbol other than an X.

The nine persons obtaining the highest number of votes shall be deemed duly elected, provided however, that they did not receive less than six per cent of the valid votes cast. (See the Interpretation Clause of the Election Act for the meaning of "vote(s)").

If a total of nine persons did not fulfil this require­ment in the first ballot, a second or third poll as necessary will have to be taken until all nine seats in the Legislative Council are filled.

A candidate shall lose his deposit if he has received less than six percentum of the number of valid ballots in the election and has failed to win a seat in the subsequent election run-off.

MCAP = Movement for Change and Prosperity; MNC = Montserrat National Congress; MULP = Montserrat United Labour Party; PDM = People's Democratic Movement; IND = Independent Candidate; *incumbent; ** Political Leader


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