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Political Parties in Montserrat

Montserrat has a two-party system, which means that there are generally two dominant political parties - currently, these are the Movement for Change and Prosperity (MCAP) and the People's Democratic Movement (PDM). In addition, a number of independent candidate have successfully contested elections.

Parties at a Glance
 Movement for Change and Prosperity (MCAP) Learn More
  Political Leader: Reuben MEADE
Official Website Connect on Facebook Connect on Twitter Connect on YouTube
  Candidates in 2014 Election: 9
 People's Democratic Movement (PDM) Learn More
  Political Leader: Donaldson ROMEO
Official Website Email Connect on Facebook Connect on Twitter Connect on YouTube
  Candidates in 2014 Election: 9
 Alliance of Independent Candidates (AIC) Learn More
  Candidates in 2014 Election: 3  
Independent Candidates
 Independent Candidates Learn More
  Candidates in 2014 Election: 10  
Political Parties of Montserrat Timeline
Below, we provide a timeline of all parties contesting elections in Montserrat from 1952 to present. We also provide a comprehensive list of defunct and minor political parties in Montserrat in our Knowledge Centre.
Party Code First Election Last Election # Elections
Independents IND 1952 -  
Montserrat Labour Party MLP 1952 1970 6
Merchant Planters MP 1952 1961 4
Montserrat Workers Progressive Party  MVPP 1966 1966 1
United Workers Party  UWP 1966 1966 1
Progressive Democratic Party PDP 1970 1987 5
Montserrat Action Party MAP 1973 1973 1
People's Liberation Movement PLM 1978 1987 3
National Devleopment Party NDP 1987 1991 2
National Progessive Party NPP 1991 1996 2
People's Progressive Alliance PPA 1996 1996 1
Movement for National Reconstruction MNR 1996 1996 1
New People's Liberation Movement NPLM 2001 2006 2
Movement for Change and Prosperity MCAP 2006 - 2
Montserrat Democratic Party MDP 2006 2006 1
Montserrat Labour Party (New) MLP 2009 2009 1
Montserrat Reformation Party MRP 2009 2009 2
Funny Ways Party FWP 2009 2009 1
People's Democratic Movement PDM 2014 - First election


AIC Alliance of Independent Candidates
MCAP Movement for Change and Prosperity
PDM People's Democratic Movement
Independents Independent Candidates
Download AIC 2014 Manifesto
Download MCAP 2014 Manifesto
Download PDM 2014 Manifesto
Download Election Basics 2014
Download Montserrat Knowledge Centre
Download Montserrat Budget Statement 2014
Download Montserrat Budget Statement 2013
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