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Herman Louis BELMAR
Constituency Northern Grenadines

Unity Labour Party (ULP)

Third time contesting seat for ULP

Herman Louis Belmar was born in Bequia on 6 July  1952. He was educated at the Paget Farm Primary School, Bequia Seventh Day Adventist Secondary, St. Vincent Teachers College, St. Lucia Technical Teachers Training College and the Kendall Institute, Massachusetts, USA.

Mr. Belmar began his teaching career at the Paget Farm Primary School in July 1971, and was appointed to the Bequia Anglican High School in 1976, where he served as Member of the Board of Governors, Dean of Discipline, Sports Master, Principal and Technical/Vocational Specialist, and Departmental Head of Math, Science and Industrial Arts.

Serving as National Coordinator for the UNESCO Caribbean Sea Project and Small Islands Voice/ Sandwatch Project since 1994, Mr. Belmar represented St. Vincent & the Grenadines at various regional and international forums.  These included leading the national delegation to the United Nations Youth Parliament in Paris, representing the region at the United Nations Global Conference on Oceans and Coasts and Islands in Paris and the United Nations Small Islands Voice discussion of the Barbados + 10 Programme of Action in Mauritius, Indian Ocean in January 2005.

He was also the national representative of the UNESCO Small Islands Voice Youth Initiative discussion in Palau, Pacific Ocean. He has brought worldwide attention to the Grenadines and our efforts to preserve and protect our environment by hosting the follow-up meeting to the Mauritius discussion on Bequia in July 2005. He has presented numerous papers at regional and international forums on environmental, cultural and historical issues.

He has contributed over the years to visiting students by conducting lectures to groups from SEA Education Association, Woods Hole, Massachusetts, the Harvey Gamage, Ocean Classroom and CERMES (Environmental Faculty of the University of the Wes Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados), as well as the local CAP Programme (Children Against Poverty).

An avid sportsman and coach, he was recognized by the International Amateur Athletic Federation in 1987. Mr. Belmar is a founding member of the National Sports Council.

He was also a Charter Member and Past President of the Rotary Club of Bequia, past Director of the Interact Club, founding Member of the Bequia Heritage Foundation, and the Bequia Indigenous Whalers Association. A man of many talents, he credits God for his many talents among which are  an educator, draughtsman, builder, environmentalist, community worker. A fishing enthusiast, he is a founding member of the St. Vincent & the Grenadines Game Fishing Association.
In 1993 while he was undergoing his second internship period at the Kendall Whaling Museum, in Sharon Massachusetts, he was awarded the Museum’s prestigious L. Byrne.

He achieved the Waterman Award (1993) for his tireless efforts to preserve the whaling heritage of Bequia and to establish permanently the Bequia Whaling & Sailing Museum. He has had extensive training as a Curator, dealing with the preservation and protection of historical artifacts.

In 2005, Mr. Belmar contested the General Elections as a Candidate for the ruling Unity Labour Party. He was unsuccessful in securing the seat, but was appointed the Deputy Director of Grenadines Affairs. Mr Belmar retains oversight of all Governments activities in the Northern Grenadines, with special responsibilities coming directly out of the Prime Minister’s Office.

As a community spirited person, Mr. Belmar has made his contribution to his community by assisting the Bequia Hospital, planting trees and servicing playing fields, spearheading national beach cleanups, cleaning drains, performing the duties of Justice of the Peace, and working with the Youth of Bequia in every aspect of life. He has served in the capacity as Census Coordinator, Enumerator, Presiding Officer, Poll Clerk, an Election Clerk on a number of occasions.

Mr. Belmar is a dedicated Christian father of three, and a husband for 29 years.
2005 Northern Grenadines ULP 644 25.88% Lost Lost to Godwin Friday (NDP)
2010 Northern Grenadines ULP 491 19.45% Lost Lost to Godwin Friday (NDP)
DRP= Democratic Republican Party; NDP = New Democratic Party; SVGP = St. Vincent and the Grenadines Green Party; ULP = Unity Labour Party; IND = Independent; * Incumbent; ** Political Leader
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