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St. Vincent and the Grenadines Constituencies
St. Vincent and the Grenadines is divided into 15 electoral districts or constituencies. Select a constituency to learn more about the candidates and the constituency itself.  Click on the candidate's photo or name to learn more about the candidate.
Electoral Map
North Windward (NW)
North Central Windward (NC)
South Central Windward (SC)
South Windward (SW)
Marriaqua (MQ)
West St. George (WG)
East St. George (EG)
East Kingstown (EK)
Central Kingstown (CK)
West Kingstown (WK)
South Leeward (SL)
Central Leeward (CL)
North Leeward (NL)
Northern Grenadines (NG)
Southern Grenadines (SG)
A total of 85,527 persons are registered to vote in the 2015 General Election. This number inclues 43,704 females and 45,823 males. The final voter's list was published by the Electorl Office of St. Vincent and the Grenadines on 30 November 2015.
Constituency Code Females Males Total View List
North Windward NW 2,969 3,326 6,295 View List
North Central Windward NC 2,522 2,775 5,297 View List
South Central Windward SC 2,757 3,031 5,788 View List
South Windward SW 2,940 3,095 6,035 View List
Marriaqua MQ 3,127 3,083 6,210 View List
East St. George EG 3,953 3,836 7,789 View List
West St. George WG 3,409 3,471 6,880 View List
East Kingstown EK 3,286 3,297 6,583 View List
Central Kingstown CK 3,330 3,314 6,644 View List
West Kingstown WK 3,166 3,162 6,328 View List
South Leeward SL 3,552 3,788 7,340 View List
Central Leeward CL 2,910 3,192 6,102 View List
North Leeward NL 2,693 3,011 5,704 View List
Northern Grenadines NG 1,841 2,000 3,841 View List
Southern Grenadines SG 1,249 1,442 2,691 View List
Total   43,704 45,823 89,527  
The number of constituencies in St. Vincent and the Grenadines has increased from eight during 1951 based on the The St. Vincent (Legislative Council) Order in Council (1951) to the present 15 established by the St. Vincent Constitution Order (Amendment) Act of 1986. The number of constitutencies was increased by one to nine for the 1961 election. A further four seats were added for the 1972 election and another two for the election of 1989.
Number of Constituencies 8 9 13 15
Elections 1951, 1954, 1957 1961,  1966, 1967 1972, 1974, 1979, 1984 1989, 1994. 1998, 2001, 2005, 2010, 2015
Constituencies North Windward North Windward North Windward North Windward
Central Windward Central Windward North Central Windward North Central Windward
South Windward South Windward South Central Windward South Central Windward
St. George East St. George South Windward South Windward
Kingstown West St. George Marriaqua Marriaqua
South Leeward Kingstown East St. George East St. George
North Leeward South Leeward West St. George West St. George
Grenadines North Leeward East Kingstown East Kingstown
  Grenadines West Kingstown Central Kingstown
    South Leeward West Kingstown
    Central Leeward South Leeward
    North Leeward Central Leeward
    Grenadines North Leeward
      Northern Grenadines
      Southern Grenadines
DRP= Democratic Republican Party; NDP = New Democratic Party; SVGP = St. Vincent and the Grenadines Green Party; ULP = Unity Labour Party; IND = Independent; * Incumbent; ** Political Leader
Electoral Office of St. Vincent and the Grenadines
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 North Windward (NW)
 North Central Windward (NC)
 South Central Windward (SC)
 South Windward (SW)
 Marriaqua (MQ)
 West St. George (WG)
 East St. George (EG)
 East Kingstown (EK)
 Central Kingstown (CK)
 West Kingstown (WK)
 South Leeward (SL)
 Central Leeward (CL)
 North Leeward (NL)
 Northern Grenadines (NG)
 Southern Grenadines (SG)
DRP Democratic Republican Party (DRP)
NDP New Democratic Party (NDP)
SVGP SVG Green Party (SVGP)
ULP Unity Labour Party (ULP)
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